Kingdom Ministerial Alliance.

The aim of Kingdom Ministerial Alliance is to be a place where pastors and ministers can gain from the wisdom and experience of those who gone before them with a proven ministry. To be a place where ideas are exchanged and where members serve as an inspiration. Our hope is that as ministers of the gospel through our bible base wisdom, our unity and interaction as members of KMA we can have a more effectual position impact in helping our congregation handle and overcome the problems the encounter day to day. With better leadership qualities and a deeper revelation as to how resolve the complex problems affecting those we serve.


Explorer Christian Outreach Network is dedicated to providing for the identification, development and maturing of gifts and talents fro the perfecting of the saints to work in the ministry. Is a ministry to reach out the world around us and bring sinners to Christ, it is not denomination just gathering people who do not possess salvation and hope to heaven (Mark 5:19-20). The lord has not called us to remain in a single place. He has commissioned us to go everywhere publishing the gospel, using everything we have, every resource at our deposal, every means we know and every method we can adopt.


Kingdom Builders is a group of brave Christians who come together to help the poor. The vision God has given to his son is a big one; it is designed to change the lives of people around the globe. Sometimes people cannot receive spiritual things because they are so deficient in natural things; it is hard to “eat” spiritual food when you are literally starving.

Pastor’s heart is not just to preach the world but to provide natural support as well but he can’t do it alone

  • Building hospitals and orphanages.
  • Digging wells for and entire village
  • Providing food and clothing to the homeless.
  • Ministering the gospel in the homes of millions of people
  • Providing computers and materials to schools.

Meeting all to these practical needs takes money; it takes all of us together to “do unto the least of these” so that the seed of God’s word has fertile soil which to grow.


  • If you have a heart for the homeless orphanages and widows.
  • If you have compassion on those who are abused
  • If it pains you to see children crippled with sickness and disease.
  • If our pastor is traveling, invited guest and supporting the up coming pastors
  • If you have ever been in need yourself. We have a place for you in KAM Foundation. Together we change lives to change nations now and for eternity.


Kingdom Partners are a group of Kingdom minded pillars. They are individuals, families and organizations, who make a commitment to support the outreach of KINGDOM APOSTOLIC MOVEMENT and Pastor Solomon Kwame Awash through seminars, media and publications on a monthly basis. Apart from their regular tithes and offerings, they go the extra mile to make the work easy.


Kingdom Believers Network is a brave mature Christians come together to preach the gospel, it’s affiliation and partnership of other Christian bodies with likeminded vision and purpose to achieve one goal.


KAM Media: God told his servant that “he has joined us together to do what we could not do separately” where your voice could not reach individual your money will help us to reach. Voice of the kingdom is a media ministry through RADIO, TV, TRACTS, and HAND OUTS. To together we build. Let us put our denominations aside and build the kingdom of God.


Kingdom Apostolic Movement P.O. Box Fl 506, Aflao – Volta Region,

Ghana – West Africa.,

Contacts: GHANA (00233) 0545850571 TOGO: (00228) 97601646

Thank you for being a willing vessel. We believe that God has joined us together to do what we could not do separately.

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